$99 - Associate [conference room use]
$199 - Professional [drop in desk use]
$499 - Specialist [private desk]
$999 - Enterprise [private office]
Daily and Weekly options available

To be professional:
you need office
you need studio
you need equipment
But you don't need the cost or the upkeep...

At Cinema Exchange we curate studio and office space and host a full-service rental house for professional filmmakers and agencies. By combining well-appointed shooting space with productivity spaces & offices and locating in close proximity to the tech center of Silicon Valley, Cinema Exchange Co-working Studios presents an ideal environment for production and collaboration. 

Book services a la carte or join as a member for deep discounts and on-demand use. We host a range of productivity spaces for pre-production, auditions, meetings and table reads, a studio warehouse for shoots, events, and screenings, a variety of camera equipment, and so much more you'll have to come check it out for yourself.

Drop by for a tour, call with questions, or join us for some great networking...whatever you do, we hope to see you soon!


We partner with Radium Camera to bring rental equipment to your fingertips. Scale your production with their sizable inventory or test out a new toy in our camera prep area. Members receive discounts on equipment rental.

In-studio Rates 

In-Studio Cameras starting at
$45/day Canon 6D
$250/day BMD Ursa Mini Pro
$450/day RED Helium

Lighting Packages
$150/day - Kino Cage
(2) 4x4, (2) 2x4, (2) 4X2, (2) 2x2, (2) 1x2

$50/ea - Flathead 80’s
(8) 4ft Kino bulbs w/ grid

$225/day - More Power
Kino Cage + (2) Flathead 80’s

Lightboard starting at
$999/day - Setup w/ lighting, studio booking included
$750/day - Add a Camera and Operator

25ft Cinema Crane starting at
$850/day - Comes with operator, camera not included