$99 - Associate [conference room use]
$250 - Professional [drop in desk use]
$500 - Specialist [private desk]
$1350 - Enterprise [private office]

$350 - Traveler [private desk or office]

Call for more info.
Subject to change.

To look professional, you need an office, you need studio space, you need equipment, but you don't need the cost or the upkeep...

At Cinema Exchange we curate studio and office space and host a full-service rental house for professional filmmakers and agencies. By combining well-appointed shooting space with high-class offices and locating in close proximity to premium clients, Cinema Exchange presents an ideal environment for production and collaboration. 

Book services a la carte or join as a member for deep discounts and on-demand use. We host a vast range of camera equipment, meeting space for pre-production, auditions and table reads, a studio warehouse for shoots and premiers, and so much more you'll have to come check it out to see for yourself.

As an advocate for the local industry, we host workshops and seminars by professionals like CPA's, Insurance Specialists, and Industry Veterans designed to help you grow your business. Members attend for free.

Drop by for a tour, call with questions, or join us for some great networking...whatever you do, we hope to see you soon!