Alan Jalkut w/ Jalkut Productions

Alan Jalkut w/ Jalkut Productions

Jalkut Productions

As Director of Photography and I can bring your vision to life. I'm passionate about providing a final product that takes into consideration the client's needs while also lending my unique professional experience to the project. I use top of the line professional level gear to film and photograph the highest quality projects. 

At Jalkut Productions we utilize the RED DIGITAL CINEMA EPIC-W with the S35 HELIUM 8K sensor to deliver outstanding image quality with clean, dark blacks. We can deliver in any resolution up to 8K.

Drone Videography & Photography

Alan Jalkut is also an FAA certified Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command. This is required for all commercial drone flights.

Through the careful piloting of drones we can supply:

• amazing cinematic shots 

• real estate photos and video

• 3D models and mapping

• farming and agricultural survey

• landscape and cityscapes photography


Unlike many other drone pilots, I can legally fly commercially as stipulated by FAA regulations. 
In case of emergency or a catastrophic failure or crash which causes damage or injury, I carry a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy while flying.