We host monthly screenings, workshops, and social events here at the Exchange. Check out more info below and sign up on our Facebook Instagram, or Eventbrite links and we’ll see you here soon!


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Screen! is our in-house local shortfilm showcase…a festival for fantastic local filmmakers

Screen! Events

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We host four screenings per year, each with their own theme:

  • CINEMA FEMINA: February 22nd 2019
    Films by or about women and women’s issues

  • COMEDY DRAMA-DY: June 28th 2019
    Comedy, Tragedy, Drama, Epic, Romance, all the classic Greek themes

  • EVENING JAM: August 30th 2019
    Films about music, musicians, or with a musical theme or strong musical element

  • FIGHT OR FRIGHT: October 25th 2019
    Action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, suspense, and gore

All films are under 15 minutes and created or submitted by local Bay Area residents.