Creative Space for Content Creation


Cinema Exchange is a creative space built for content creation and marketing productivity. We offer high quality resources including professional office and studio space, video and editing services, and creative event options. As a marketplace, the Exchange provides a one-stop-shop, where clients can find the right vendors and resources to get the job done on-time and under budget.


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Your home away from home featuring plans that grow with your business. Start with a mailing address, upgrade to drop in seating, and when you're ready to expand, we'll have a private office waiting. Use our Sound Stage, Video Booth and Edit Suite to build your brand.


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Tired of meeting with clients at the coffee shop? Join our membership program and get discounts on office, conference room, and sound stage rental, premium equipment, expert advice, and access to professional workshops to help you grow your business. All the right tools without all the overhead.



Meet potential clients and crew, make valuable contacts, enjoy free workshops...we're here to support your success. When it comes to providing a marketplace for content production we're dedicated to providing high quality tools and fostering a productive, collaborative workspace.


Drop by the studio for a tour!

1759 S. Main St.
Building 5, Suite 128
Milpitas, CA 95035