Co-working space for the freelance

Welcome to your new headquarters.


Cinema Exchange is a custom co-working space developed by to meet the needs of the gig economy and subscription content creators. We built the exchange to support commercial media producers including filmmakers, videographers, and photographers while improving the quality of industry resources available to the local community. As a co-working studio, the Exchange curates professional office space and well-appointed studio space, providing members with access to affordable, high-quality tools and resources. As a marketplace, the Exchange provides a one-stop-shop, where clients can find the right vendors and resources to get the job done on-time and under budget.



Your home away from home featuring plans that grow with your business. Start with a mailing address, upgrade to drop in seating, then get a private desk, and when you're ready to expand, we'll have a private office waiting...



Tired of driving 45 minutes to pick up a single lens or using your day off to play courier on lighting returns? Our partnership with local rental house Radium Camera allows us to put their gear at your fingertips, so renting for a shoot is as easy as walking down the hall... 



Find crew and gigs, make valuable contacts, enjoy free workshops...we're here to support your success. When it comes to the local film and video industry, we're dedicated to fostering a professional community...


Drop by the studio for a tour!

1759 S. Main St.
Building 5, Suite 128
Milpitas, CA 95035